The agency is focused on making sure that our youths are successful at all levels of their education. We want young people receive the necessary support to graduate from high school and are supported to pursue post-secondary education. 

Supports you can utilize
Educational Consultants: Our educational consultants act as school board advocates and provide advice and support to obtain appropriate school placements for children and youths.  If you are experiencing emotional concerns, occasional behavioural challenges leading to school exclusion/suspension, feel like you sometimes ‘socially don’t fit in’ at school, or are generally going through situations that affect your educational success – we can help. Speak with the adults in your life like your social worker, CYW, foster, kin or biological parents, guidance counselors or you can even email our Youth Success Coordinator. We are all here to advocate for you.

Tutoring Help
Tutoring has many benefits and research shows that great learning is achieved through one to one instruction. Our tutors identify individual strength and learning style which are used to help our children and youth learn more efficiently than they would in a larger class. To request a tutor, please speak to your social worker.

Post-Secondary Studies
You are on the right path by choosing post-secondary education.  This is a smart decision that will set you up for success in an increasingly competitive job market and allow you to explore who you are as a person.  If you are struggling to choose what to study and where, the following questions are helpful.

What do you want to be when you grow up…or are you still undecided? Consider course or professions in which you had better grades and down the road if you discover new interests many colleges and universities provide what is called ‘ladder courses’ to help you get your ultimate professional goal.

What value are you expecting from your education investment? It is advised that if you are conserving a specific professional program, it is important that the program is accredited and you can use the qualification to find employment.

Are extracurricular activities important to you? A well rounded education takes into account the need to offer extra-curricular activities like athletics, volunteering etc.  Many employers today look to hire well-rounded employees.

How can you afford your education? There is access to hundreds of bursaries/scholarships:

Talk to your worker about bursaries offered by Peel Children’s Aid Foundation

If you are considering apprentice, college or university there are supports to help you on that journey. Be sure to have all your credits (please speak to your school guidance counselor) in regards to school credits. 

Community Resources

Getting your high school diploma
Independent Learning Center
Phone Number: (416) 484-2704 or 1-800-387-5512
Fax: 416.484.2750
Mailing Address for Applications:

GED Coordinator
Independent Learning Centre
P.O. Box 200, Station Q
Toronto ON M4T 2T1

Test Center Location
2180 Yonge Street
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