Prepare for Independence

Peel Children’s Aid currently has a Youth Strategy to ensure youth achieve success and offers youth programs in the areas of financial literacy, life skills, job preparedness, housing, education, mentorship and youth justice.


My GPS is a resource that was created to help youth in care prepare to transition to independence and navigate the information and options you have before you. Finding the right road to your future can be challenging. We all get lost at times. Click here to start mapping out your way.

Financial literacy training

The Adolescent and Youth Success department has a financial literacy training program from the Investor Education Fund geared towards training a trainer to lead the way in delivering financial knowledge to children from grade 4-8. This goes together with the agency’s commitment to teaching life skills way before children and youth in care reach the critical age of 18.

To learn more about financial literacy training speak to your worker or contact the Youth Success Coordinator.

For more information on financial resources.

For more information on education click here.

For more information on housing click here.

For more information on mentorship click here.

For more information of youth justice click here.

For more information on job preparedness click here.


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