Youth Council

Our youth council is the youth voice of Peel Children’s Aid. The council informs agency staff on the needs of youth, areas of improvement, and how to engage our youth both in and out of care. To date, the youth council has addressed the board of directors at Peel Children’s Aid, has been involved in provincial advocacy to raise the age of support from 21 to 24, volunteer work with the Peel Children’s Aid Foundation, media relations and taking on mentorship roles by teaching financial literacy skills to other children and youth.

Youth at Peel Children’s aid are also involved in the Crown Ward Education Championship Youth Advisory Council which is a regional youth voice for improving educational outcomes for crown wards within the region of Peel. This council is a part of the provincial Crown Ward Education Championship Team (CWECT) is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for youth in care within the province of Ontario. CWECT hosts annual conferences for youth. The second annual Lead Your Way Conference is now open for registration. For more information click here.

We are currently recruiting youth ages 15 - 21 for our Youth Council. To find out more about the Advisory Council and how to get involved contact our Youth Success Coordinator.

Interesting facts

  • Youth in care have a high school graduation rate of 44% compared to their peers who have an 81% graduation rate.
  • We don’t age of care in our own families
  • We don’t cut off all supports for our children when they turn 21
  • We provide financial support, emotional support, a home to come back to…why should this be different for children and youth in care?